If you’re searching for a handout to help your breastfeeding clients prepare for pumping and returning back to work, I’ve got you covered!

My back to work pumping planning sheet for parents of exclusively breastfed babies takes all the guesswork out of making milk for their baby while they’re separated.  This PDF uses your client/patient’s answers to calculate how often they need to remove milk while they’re away from baby, how much pumped milk they’ll need to leave for baby every day (and therefore how much milk they need to pump each day), and what their goal for each pump session will be.

This PDF does the work for them by doing the math in the background if clients/patients open it in Adobe Acrobat!

Appropriate for parents who are pumping while working full time, part time, or will be separated from baby for any length of time for any reason.

Please Note:  The calculations in this PDF are made to work when opened and filled in Adobe Acrobat.  Opening and using it in other programs may not allow the calculations to work- clients can still use it and do their own math!  Also, it’s printable so they can fill it out by hand. 

When you purchase this handout, I will send you a personalized copy for your clients/families/patients only with the note “licensed for use of {you OR your business’ name}” on the bottom.   There is room at the top of the handout for you to add your logo next to mine if you’d like.


  • You may provide printed copies of this handout to clients, families you work with, breastfeeding class attendees, etc.
  • You may provide digital copies of this handout ONLY on a one-on-one basis to clients/patients/families.  You are not allowed to upload the digital handout to your website for distribution, to your Facebook group, to your Insta links, etc.  Please let me know if you have questions about this.
  • You can add your logo to the top of the form, but you cannot alter the contents in any way.
  • You cannot sell this handout.
  • All purchases are nonrefundable.


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