EXCLUSIVELY available for lactation professionals who have successfully completed my course Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs.  These charting templates are part of the Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs course, but I’ve already done the hard work of building them in IntakeQ. Save yourself time and frustration by purchasing the IntakeQ templates from me!


Your purchase gets you access to two IntakeQ note templates:

  • Bottle Breakthroughs Chart Form/Template
  • Bottle Breakthroughs Care Plan Form/Template

The two templates will be mapped so that answers on the completed and locked Chart Form will appear on the Care Plan. In order to properly map these questions please be sure to check “Create custom fields in the client profile when necessary” when importing the forms.


Once you purchase I will verify that you’ve completed the course and then will share the forms with you via email- you must provide me with the email address you use to access intakeQ. This can take me up to 72 hours as it has to be done manually- I appreciate your patience!

If you have not yet completed Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs you can purchase the forms now, but  I will not send the forms until you’ve completed the course (so I know you know how to use them and how to do a Bottle Breakthroughs consult).

I will share the forms with you up to two times for each purchase. If I need to share them with you more than twice I will ask you to re-purchase.

These forms can ONLY be used by the ONE person who purchases the forms. These forms cannot be used for a group practice unless every learner in the group has paid for and completed Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs and has purchased these IntakeQ forms separately.

Forms can and should be edited and customized for your clinical use. They cannot be reproduced or sold to others in any form.


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