Lactation professionals are constantly working with families to “ditch the shield” and wean babies off of nipple shields.  No matter the the reason a family is handed a nipple shield in the first place, the vast majority of shield users want to get rid of it!  This freshly updated handout provides my ten best tips for ditching the shield as discussed in my wildly popular blog post My Ten Step Process for Weaning Off the Nipple Shield.

This special professionals only PDF includes space at the bottom for you to add your own contact info, logo, etc.  You will receive a digital copy that can be printed or emailed.


  • You may provide printed copies of this handout to clients, families you work with, breastfeeding class attendees, etc.
  • You may provide digital copies of this handout ONLY on a one-on-one basis to clients/patients/families.  You are not allowed to upload the digital handout to your website for distribution, to your Facebook group, to your Insta links, etc.  Please let me know if you have questions about this.
  • You can add your own info to the blank space at the bottom of the form, but you cannot alter the content of the handout in any way.
  • You cannot sell this handout.
  • All purchases are nonrefundable.



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