Breastfeeding is sometimes hard, but it doesn't have to be.
I can help you! No guilt, no judgement.

breastfeeding help in Massachusetts by Rachel O'Brien, IBCLC
Hi, I'm Rachel!

As a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in Wayland, Massachusetts, I meet you where you are (literally- we meet virtually or on my office in Wayland, MA) and provide you with the lactation, breastfeeding, formula feeding, and/or chest feeding support and tools you need.  Whether you are expecting a baby or having trouble nursing, pumping, bottle feeding, or weaning, I can help- after all, breastfeeding only works if it’s working for both parent and baby.

I’ve worked with over 1,000 families in person in MetroWest Massachusetts, and virtually across the country (27 states and counting!) and I can help your family, too.

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insurance reimbursement for lactation consultant

I am in network with Aetna and Unicare, and MOST other health insurance companies in Massachusetts reimburse families for lactation consultant services! My IBCLC visits are also an HSA/FSA eligible expense.

My clients call me for help with lots of baby feeding problems, like...

painful breastfeeding and bad latch

We'll work on a deep latch that should end (or greatly reduce) your breastfeeding pain and minimize nipple damage.
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tongue tie and/or lip tie

We'll assess for symptoms of ties and how they can be managed OR treated by a skilled local provider.
tongue ties and lip ties

low milk supply or insufficient milk supply

We'll investigate the hormonal, physical, and environmental causes of low supply, then maximize your milk production.
about low milk supply

oversupply or overactive letdown (OALD)

We'll assess your milk supply, ease discomfort, and work to regulate your milk production.
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gassy, fussy babies

Usually this ISN'T related to the foods you're eating! We'll identify the causes of the problem- and we'll find the solution.
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pumping milk or returning to work

We'll maximize your pump output, make a plan for pumping that fits into your day, and calculate how much milk baby needs.
more about pumping

prenatal and preadoption consults

We'll review your history and you'll learn what to expect (or for adoptive parents, how to induce lactation).
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weaning (and lots more!)

We'll develop a plan to wean at the speed that works best for you and your situation.
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breastfeeding research
Rachel O'Brien, IBCLC

low milk supply series, part 3: pediatricians

Welcome to what will likely be the shortest section of my blog post series on low milk supply, about pediatricians and breastfeeding!  If you’d like to follow along in order, please start at part 1: research and then continue to part 2: breastfeeding data before starting on this post. Pediatricians and Breastfeeding: what do they

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breastfeeding research
Rachel O'Brien, IBCLC

low milk supply series, part 2: breastfeeding data

I spent two years writing my Masters thesis on low milk supply, and now I’m translating that thesis into a series of blog posts.  If you’d like to follow along in order, please start at low milk supply series, part 1: research. Note:  If you’re not big into survey data, your eyes may glaze over

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low milk supply breastfeeding research
Breastfeeding Facts
Rachel O'Brien, IBCLC

low milk supply series, part 1: research

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I did my Masters degree on U.S. mothers and low milk supply.  When I started my research I thought there must be studies out there that would show exactly how many families deal with low supply. I expected to unearth some sort of perfect algorithm.  My ultimate goal was

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momsense breastfeeding meter review
Breastfeeding Tips
Rachel O'Brien, IBCLC

Should you buy a Momsense breastfeeding meter?

I tend to stay away from controversial topics on my blog, but in real life, I’m not great at keeping my mouth shut. There have been a slew of new products aimed at breastfeeding parents in the past couple of years- changing pads that weigh your baby, breast milk test strips, a Measure My Milk

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Rachel O'Brien, IBCLC

Getting your IBCLC visit covered by insurance: an update

In a blog post earlier this year, I discussed the obnoxious loophole that allows health insurance companies in the United States to claim that they cover breastfeeding support and supplies as per the Affordable Care Act, even though they won’t allow IBCLCs to be in-network providers (and often will refuse to reimburse families for their

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breastfeeding letdown let-down
Breastfeeding Facts
Rachel O'Brien, IBCLC

What does a let-down feel like?

I spent hours and hours this week searching for a term in another language- a term for a feeling that sometimes occurs when you’re breastfeeding a child or pumping milk.  A feeling that, itself, doesn’t have a term in English. Can I explain it in English?  Let’s give it a shot. Breasts don’t sit around

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