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IBCLC business consulting

Due to the large volume of emails and phone calls I get from fellow lactation consultants asking to “pick” my brain, I kindly ask that you take me out for a virtual coffee or lunch.  This will remind BOTH of us that our time and talents are valuable and that we deserve to be financially compensated for our knowledge!

Ask me one question via email- $5.  Buy me a latte below and then send your question– I’ll respond within 24 hours!

Book a 30 minute or 1 hour virtual consult with me via phone or video chat- $45/half hour and we can talk directly!

handouts available

I’ve created a variety of handouts made just for private practice lactation professionals to make YOUR job easier!  Whether you need help communicating your policies once a visit is completed, want to help your clients ditch the nipple shield, or are looking for a handout that elegantly explains how much milk they need to pump when back to work, I’ve got you covered!  Check out all my professional lactation handouts here.

Blog posts for Private Practice IBCLCs

I have written many blog posts that you may find helpful as you develop or grow your lactation practice. 

Rachel’s Toolkit Part 1: Paper charting, billing, accepting payments, etc

Rachel’s Toolkit Part 2: What to bring on IBCLC home visits

Rachel’s Toolkit Part 3: E-charting and paperless private practice

Top Ten Essential Books for Lactation Consultants

Breaking down the price of IBCLC home visits (what you’re really paying for) explains how I set my visit price, and why you should charge a fair wage for your hard work

Why most private practice lactation consultants don’t take insurance will help you visualize (and explain to your clients) why IBCLC home visits aren’t usually covered by health insurance in the United States

How to get reimbursed for an IBCLC home visit and  Getting your IBCLC visit covered by insurance: an update familiarize you with the steps your clients may have to take to get a reimbursement from their health insurance company

Working as a private practice lactation consultant can be lonely and draining.  One of my best resources for camaraderie and practice-building is the following Facebook groups.

Please read the rules & requirements of each group before joining as they’re all different!

Paperless Private Practice + Lactation Business Coaching

Outspoken Lactation in Private Practice