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7 tips for ending a nursing strike (and getting baby back to breast)

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There are lots of reasons that a baby will suddenly stop breastfeeding and initiate a nursing strike- illness in the baby or mom, pain, trauma, bottle preference, stubbornness. That last one’s a joke. Kinda. Anyway, it’s one of my jobs as an IBCLC to work with families to figure out exactly why a baby isn’t […]


The #1 piece of advice I give to all parents, and it’s the easiest change to make…

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When I work with families, I spend a lot of time customizing a care plan that will best help them meet their nursing goals.  International board certified lactation consultants are trained as health care workers to assess each breastfeeding relationship fully before offering instruction, suggestions, and counseling. Heck, the health information form I give to […]