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low milk supply series, part 3: pediatricians

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Welcome to what will likely be the shortest section of my blog post series on low milk supply, about pediatricians and breastfeeding!  If you’d like to follow along in order, please start at part 1: research and then continue to part 2: breastfeeding data before starting on this post. Pediatricians and Breastfeeding: what do they […]

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low milk supply series, part 1: research

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As I’ve mentioned in the past, I did my Masters degree on U.S. mothers and low milk supply.  When I started my research I thought there must be studies out there that would show exactly how many families deal with low supply. I expected to unearth some sort of perfect algorithm.  My ultimate goal was […]

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You get what you expect- low milk supply and psychology

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For today’s blog post I considered just cutting & pasting my 21,397 word Masters thesis on U.S. mothers and perceived insufficient milk supply.  It’d be… quite a post, but luckily for you, I’ve narrowed my scope down.  A bit.  You’re welcome. Today we’re gonna talk about response expectancy theory. Response expectancy theory is defined as the […]