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Why sleep training and breastfeeding don’t mix (and what to do instead)

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I know many of you are bombarded by Facebook ads for different baby sleep “programs”, or your friends gave you sleep books before your baby was born, or your boss or co-worker swears by a certain method. Sleep is a big deal. I get it, I really do. Before I was a lactation consultant I worked full-time while all 3 of my kids were breastfeeding. My commute was 1 hour each way, I was exhausted, I know how much your baby’s sleep can make or break your day. I have been there. I do not blame ANY parent for needing or wanting more sleep, ever.

nipple shield

my ten step process for weaning from the nipple shield

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Originally posted 2/1/2016;  updated 7/12/2020   I have a theory about nipple shield distribution, and it’s based on the large number of families I see who are struggling to ditch the shield. I always ask how the family got the shield in the first place, and the story is usually the same: the nipple shield […]