What the heck is chestfeeding and how is it different than breastfeeding?

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Have you heard the term “chestfeeding” yet? Curious what it is? It’s safe to say that everyone knows what you mean when you talk about “breastfeeding.”  The word tends to bring an image to mind, doesn’t it?  A lovely, feminine looking mother with perfect hair and a gentle smile looking down into the eyes of […]


The #1 piece of advice I give to all parents, and it’s the easiest change to make…

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When I work with families, I spend a lot of time customizing a care plan that will best help them meet their infant feeding goals.  International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) are trained as health care workers to assess each breastfeeding relationship fully before offering instruction, suggestions, and counseling. Heck, the health information form I […]